Lose Weight with Your Sisters on DietBet!

Take a chance on your weight loss chops by betting $35 on yourself to lose 4% of your body weight over the course of 4 weeks with your sisters! DietBet is a social platform that supports healthy weight loss with kickstarter games (4 week games, 4% weight loss) and transformer games (6 month games, 10% weight loss). We decided to set up a ‘kickstarter’ for Milwaukee Area Alpha Phi Alumnae chapter. I hope you can join us for the game!

All players put in their ‘bet’ money when they sign up. At the end of the 4 weeks, everyone who loses the 4% splits the pot. If everyone wins, we all get our $35 back and are 4% lighter!

Your weight remains private, though you do need to photograph yourself on the scale for DietBet to verify your start and end weight. You can check in throughout the game informally, which means you just enter your weight without sending in a photo.

Sign up here! Invite your friends and family with this link: http://dbet.me/DVBUmO

IMPORTANT: When you go to checkout for the bet, you can remove the $5 DietBet membership from your cart. They try to get you to be a member, and it isn’t necessary at all!!!

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